The Salafiyya Arabic College and the Salafiyya Orphanage are the twin towering institutions which have made great strides in recent years in educationally and financially backward areas of karinganad, which is situated at Vilayur Panchayat of Palakkad Dt in Kerala.

JAM-IYYATHU SALAFIYYEEN charitable society which is in the background for this the cultural excellence and tangible growth, was formed by those people who were interested in the social welfare of the people residing in this place. Those who donated money for the formation of the society hailed form villages such as Vilayur, Kulukkallur, Koppam, Pattambi, Muthuthala, Paruthur, Thiruvegappura of Palakkad Dt and Pulamanthole, Moorkkanad, Elamkulam of Malappuram Dt.

The first meeting of this society held on 18/01/79 explicitly stated that the prime consideration of the society in the initial stage was to establish an Arabic college for the realization of its major goal.

With this end in view a meeting was held on a Sunday, 18 th Nov 1979 at karinganad Noorul Islam Madrassa. It was attended by interested, vertical social reformers from Pulamanthole, Vilayur, Kulukkallor, Pattambi, Muthuthala, Thiruvegapura at Karinganad Noorul islam Madrassa.

The meeting was presided by P. Muhammad Moulavi(Vilayur), K M Abdul Haq Sullami performed Jiraath. There were 43 person present. A K. Eassa madani welcomed the gathering and explained the need for the meeting. Then began discussions regarding the essentiality of starting Arabic College.

The following respected and learned participants such as M T Ibrahim, P Ismail Moulavi, P M Jabir, P P Sirajudheen, P P Abdulla, KPC Abdul khader, T K Moideen Madani, K M Abdul Haq Sullami, K M Bava, Malavattath Muhammed Haji, V P Abubaker, P P Moideen Kutty actively took part in the discussions.

In the light of the several suggestions mooted in the meeting, it was decided to start an Afsal-Ul ulama course under the University of Calicut. Besides for giving right and clean, it was also decided to start an Arabic degree college, subject to the sanction of the University.

In the absence of a permanent building, we started such classes at Noorul Islam Madrassa of Karinganad. Accordingly on 08/06/1980 Kuruvally Muhammed Moulavi inaugurated the Arabic college at Noorul Islam Madrassa near Chathapady of karinganad, which was presided by Kuruvambalam Unnikoya Thangal.

Since the name of the society is Jam-Iyyath Salafiyya Charitable Society, there cropped up a problem, what to name the college? In a special meeting they decided to name the Arabic college as Salafiyya Arabic College. Janab T K Moideen Madani proposed this suggestion after considering several aspects of the question. Ultimately Janab T K Moideen Madani proposal was unanimously accepted.

Mr. K T Alavi moulavi took charge of the college as the first principal. Mr. N Hamsa Moulavi and Abdul Haq Sullami served the college as visiting faculty.

Nearly for two years, the college worked at Noorul Islam Madrassa. Then it was shifted to a temporary building which was constructed by the society, Janab E. Unnikutty a prominent timber merchant of this place came forward to help the society by donating a plot of his own land free together with giving some more land to the society at a liberal price. Now the college stands at this site.

For accelerating the work of this college eminent personalities in and around this area went to foreign countries like UAE, Jidda, Salala, Qatar for raising funds for this social purpose. There, the pravasis formed several branch committees with the sole aim of supporting and collecting money for the construction of the fore said college.

1982 March is a memorable year in the annals of this college for it was this particular year, J. Ibrahim Sulaiman Sett laid the foundation stone for this prestigious Institution. The ground floor of the present college was due to the result of the liberal contributions from those branch committees.

I would like to register my unbounded thanks to those persons who had left no stone untuned in materializing this college. May the almighty help those persons who had worked hard and taken great pains in raising funds for this purpose.

After some time for manifold reasons those branch committees which had worked with great agility and vigor gradually got waned. At present there exists only two branch committees. One is at Jidda and the other is at Al Ain.

Later amazing contributions from various corners, the first floor of the main building was completed. 1982 was another milestone in the history of this college for it was on this very year, we opened the Yatheem Khana and Nursery school. Nearly for one year the Yatheem Khana was working in the old house of Unnikutty Haji.

When the Arabic college shifted to the first floor of the new building, the Yatheem Khana was brought to the old house at Unnikutty haji and started working in the ground floor under the Arabic college.

Again the inmates of the Yatheem kahana increased. It became inevitable to construct a two storied building and estimate for the same was prepared with total cost at Rs. 35 lakhs. J Ummer Moulavi laid down the corner stone on 25/08/1996 for the construction of the said building.

On an emergency basis downstairs of the building had to be completed. As a result of hard work and liberal contributions from the part of the committee members we were able to complete the construction within a short span of time. I would like to remember those generous persons who liberally donated for this noble purpose.

When the number of children increased both in Yatheem Khana and in Arabic college it became inevitable to construct a masjid for the purpose of doing prayers / Namaskara. When the construction was completed J K M Seethi Moulavi, then principal of the Arabic college, taking leadership in Azar prayer, inaugurated it.

In 1990, a type writing institute was inaugurated under the auspices of the society, Vellerikal Aboobaker (Pattambi) contributed for the purpose. In summer season the society was able to construct a very large water-tank out of the financial help of the Ehyathu Rassul Islami of Kuwaith through Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen.

The first General Secretary of the society was E Kunhimuhammed Master. His relevant work helped the society reach financial glory. The way he kept the records and files itself evinces the fact that he was a matchless administer. But his sudden untimely demise in January 1987 was a terrible shock to all members of the society and almost a knocking blow to the work of the society.

The dent created by the sudden departure was filled when MT. Ibrahim master took the charge of the G. Secretary this service to the institution is worthy to be noted. After his retirement Saithalavi Haji became the G. Secretary on 19/06/1988. Under his able leadership both the society and all institutions under its umbrella made a tremendous and conspicuous development.

From 21/08/2004 onwards the institutions under this complex, came to be on laggards. In spite of being it so, the first president of the society, P T Moideen Kutty Moulavi, an energizing popular name helped the society to take it to higher glory. Now under the aegis of Prof. K S Muhammed Kutty able leadership the institution under the society is fast developing.

It has already been stated that the first and for most objectives of this society was the establishment of an Arabic College. By the grace of Allah, this college has now become second to none, if anyone examines the academic performance of all other Arabic colleges in the aided sector. So far it has not been materialized. But this does not deter us to become the first rate Arabic college in the state of Kerala.

Many celebrities like eloquent speakers, religious leaders popular Katheebz well known teachers are the product of this college. Mr. K T Alavi Moulavi, V P Abdul Rahman Moulavi, C K Muhammed Moulavi, V C Muhammed Moulavi, M Ummer, M Abdulla Sulaiman, K M Seethi Moulavi, Ibrahim Kutty Salafi are some of the famous scholars who worked hard to yield good and covetable place for this institutions. Similarly the full hearted co - operation given by the old student of this college also helped to achieve amenable and envious academic excellence.

It was a fact our social fabric was fast changing in 1990. This change has also brought about a change in their outlook. As a result everyone felt that a good and convenient building and sine qua non for this Yatheem Khana. K Ummer Moulavi laid the foundation stone for a building and stared working. Before long its ground floor was inaugurated by K W M General Secretary Sir a P Abdul Radeir Moulavi in 13 th Feb 1999.

There were days when the financial position of the society was plummeted to an abysmal level. This sorry state of affair had to be changed. The General Secretary (Abdul Haq Sullami) without a second thought went to UAE in March 1996 and made a wide scale contact with generous people of our own place living there. Besides financially powerful shakes of those countries also helped us such journeys frequently made in Jidda, USA, KSA.

When ADV. Nalakath Soopy Sahib became the Education minister, he give us a degree course for the Arabic college and a separated college for the teacher education. The Arabic college degree was started in the existing Arabic (Afsal-Ul Ulama) college.

The college for the teacher education was started in the society building made for the orphanage and it was inaugurated by the education Minister Mr. Muhammed Basheer.

Since the B. Ed. College is made to work in the building meant for the orphanage, a separate building had to be constructed exclusively for the orphanage. So the construction work in the south part of the campus was started and within a short span of time its inauguration was done by KTV Secretary M Muhammed Madani on 23 rd July 2005.

The Foreign tours made with a view of collecting funds for society also helped to collect maximum number of priceless rare books. Those valuable foreign books are to be kept weather proof so there grew a general notion that a good building had to be built accordingly a new library building was constructed and it was inaugurated on 21 st October 2010 by KNM state president Mr. T P Abdullakoya Madani.

When the number of wards, student, teachers and other employees of this institution grew, everyone felt there was a dearth of space for performing Niskara karma. It was solved by constructing beautiful masjid by using fund that was collected from foreign countries.

The increase in the number of girl students compelled the society to arrange hostel facilities for them. A new plot of the land was purchased for this purpose. By this grace of God, a spacious hostel is being built to accommodate nearly 100 girl students. It is on the way of completion.

The Salafiyya B. Ed. College of teacher education offers only one course. The duration of the Programme up to the year (2014-15) is One year. But the national council for teacher education has issued direction to all authorities concerned that from the year 2015-16 onwards, the course is of two years. S0 the society is constrained to build new class rooms, and to augment library books to keep up with the new infrastructural and superstructure norms laid down by the national council.

By the grace of Almighty and by the help of the public we sincerely hope to achieve this too.